Burson V6 Vivid Single Op Amps Comparison


Back in October 2019 some of you may remember the review I did on the Burson V5i and V6 Op Amps. I tested the V5i Singles, V6 Classic Singles and a V6 Vivid Dual.

Since then I have tested some discrete Op Amps from SparkoS Labs and now I have been given the chance to test the V6 Vivid Singles which I never got round to trying out. So first off I would like to say thanks to Carlos at Burson Audio for providing the V6 Vivid samples for the purpose of this article.

Now I am not going to do this in review format as I have covered most of the Op Amps already with comparisons and price etc so I will just do a short article to cover what I haven’t already.

My test setup; NuHybrid headphone amp, Topping D50 DAC and HiFiMan HE400i headphones.

Test Parameters

In this article I am going to be comparing the Burson V6 Vivid Singles to the SparkoS Labs SS3601 Op Amps. I chose music tracks which are instrument and vocal heavy so I could listen though all the highs and lows. I selected some tracks from Lindsey Stirling, Evanescence and some early works from SIA.

I will be using the Op Amps in the NuHybrid headphone amp designed by Pete Millett coupled with a Topping D50 DAC and HiFiMan HE400i headphones.

NuHybrid with the Burson V6 Vivid Singles installed.

After listening for a few days with the Burson V6 Vivids I immediately notice how musical they sound but at the same time they feel very warm and balanced.

I think these Op Amps suit this amp quite well given the warm sound signature that the Nutube creates. I notice the vocals are very clear and the mids and treble seem quite balanced and detailed.

The Bass is also quite punchy but not overpowering which to me is a good thing. Bare in mind I am using an open back headphone which are known to be a bit more airy and have slightly flatter bass.

Comparing to the SparkoS Labs SS3601 Op Amps, I feel the SparkoS sound brighter to me which I quite like but others may disagree.

There is no sound signature with the SparkoS as they are supposed to just amplify the source signal and nothing more making them an ideal reference Op Amp.

Everything is very clear and detailed with the warmth of the Nutube still shining through which is what makes this a great combination.

NuHybrid with the SparkoS SS3601 Op Amps installed.

The soundstage is nice and wide with both Op Amps and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend either company as their products are both excellent sounding.

Personally for me though I think with this particular headphone amp the SparkoS may have the edge on this occasion.

With that said all Op Amps have their place and when coupled with the right amplifier circuit they all have their merits.

For more information on Burson Audio products, please visit https://www.bursonaudio.com/

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